Houseway Industrial Storage Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of...

  • industrial wire shelves - modular storage shelves of wire construction with various finishes ensuring the shelving is protected in industrial environments.

  • industrial utility carts - stainless steel service carts built to provide robust, hygienic, efficient solutions in service and industrial capacities.

  • wire containers - foldable steel storage containers that provide efficient management of inventory in industrial spaces.

  • hand trucks - a variety of hand truck designs (including our versatile convertible hand trucks) to suit the transport of heavier loads by hand.

Taiwan / China Industrial Storage Manufacturer

Based in Taiwan, we are ideally located to provide our clients with high quality China-manufactured industrial storage products at extremely competitive prices. We achieve a high standard in our equipment that meets ISO9001 quality standards.

We have over 30 years experience in dealing with large manufacturing and exporting of orders to customers all over the world. We offer our customers advantages that have helped them choose Houseway:

  1. High Quality Product Range
    We constantly work hard to ensure products we sell adhere to our strictest quality standards. These quality standards meet ISO9001 so our clients are always confident that their products will be of the highest quality.

  2. OEM Expertise
    We have many clients who require custom solutions that we provide according to their samples and prints. Our OEM capabilities have lead us to successfully cooperate with several major manufacturers and suppliers in the US.

  3. Experienced Research and Development
    We are always looking for new ideas and chances to obtain patents. Our extensive experience enables us to continually improve on the performance of our industrial storage equipment.

  4. Production Capabilities
    We have well-established business relationships with a number of manufacturers based in China and Taiwan and so we are able to fulfill client production requirements with an extremely fast turnaround.

  5. Customizing of Products
    We accommodate our clients' requirements to customize their products with logos, packaging, labeling, colors, and so on.

We work hard to provide our customers with the highest standard of service product at competitive prices

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We are a Taiwan-based international supplier of high quality ISO-compliant industrial storage items that we manufacture in China and Taiwan. The China manufacturing phase is carefully controlled from Taiwan. Such a China / Taiwan set up ensures we manufacture utility carts, shelves, hand trucks and containers to high standards and still pass on cost savings to our clients.

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We manufacture in China and Taiwan to QC processes managed from Taiwan.

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